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Philippino Queen

Added 2008-07-22 Good Rating 52.7%

Arjuin Got This One From The Philippines Nine Years Ago, And She Has Been Good To Him Ever Since. She Never Disappoints.


Added 2008-07-22 Good Rating 50.7%

Recently There Have Been Street Tuffs Trolling The London Underground And Sexually Assaulting People. Here Is Some Footage.


Added 2008-07-21 Good Rating 51.7%

This Wife Chews On Her Husbands Big Cock Like A Dog Would A Bone. She's Always Kneeling In Front Of Him Obediently.


Added 2008-07-21 Good Rating 50.8%

Aside From The Fact That She Was Into Sports Cam Knew That He Had Picked The Wrong Woman Early On. Oh Well, They Will Always Have Baseball


Added 2008-07-21 Good Rating 50.4%

Hardcore Mature Pics Of Alissa Stuffing A Cucumber Up Her Strawberry Blonde Pussy And Posing For Some Full Bottom Pics!


Added 2008-07-21 Bad Rating 49.2%

Too Bad She Only Knows The One Pose. She Has An Extensive Collection Of Thongs That Don't Cover Her Entire Hairy Hippie Bush.


Added 2008-07-20 Good Rating 54.1%

Huge Everything On This Senora. She Is Packing Heat! If You Like T&A, She's Got What You Need. Gracias!

Hot Momma

Added 2008-07-20 Good Rating 53.9%

Skipper Shows Off His Wife Sandra At The Beach On A Vacation. Great Body For A Mother Of Two, You Are A Lucky Man Skip.


Added 2008-07-20 Good Rating 52.9%

I Couldn't Understand A Word Of This Submission, But Who Cares! This Guys Wife Is So Hot. I Have Her On My Desktop Now.


Added 2008-07-20 Good Rating 51.9%

This Couger Fancies Herself A Woman About Town, A Bachelorette Praying On Young Cock. She's Really Just Getting Used LOL!


Added 2008-07-19 Good Rating 55.1%

Brenda Is A Hairy Princess. Tastefully Hairy Though, Like A Centerfolds Pussy In A Vintage Porn Magazine. I Think I Like It!

Dino's Hairy Ass

Added 2008-07-19 Good Rating 52%

Dino Gets His Hairy Ass Licked At The End Of This Series Of Pics. You Know She Must Really Love Him To Be Doing That!

Dildo Milf

Added 2008-07-19 Good Rating 51.2%

An Assortment Of Toys See The Inside Of This Fun Loving Milf On A Daily Basis. She's Had More Dingdongs In Her Than A Hostess Factory!

Hot Mistress

Added 2008-07-19 Good Rating 50.5%

This Is A Nice Brazilian Girl That Phousie Met Down South, And Strung Along For A Part In A Movie He Was Working On. Nice Mistress Phousie!

Bob And Jackie 1

Added 2008-07-18 Good Rating 52.8%

Bob And Jackie Love To Post Pictures On The Net Of Their Sex. We Can Expect Him To Bring The Camera Along For More Rolls In The Hay.


Added 2008-07-18 Good Rating 52.5%

Anonymous Submission Of This Gorgeous Foot Diva. She Is Insanely Hot In Those Pantyhose. Thank You Whom Ever You Are!

Slut Ex

Added 2008-07-18 Good Rating 51.4%

Assorted Pictures Of Tyler's Former Fiancee. He Broke Up With Her After Hearing She Was Messing Around On Him From Numerous Sources.


Added 2008-07-18 Good Rating 50.8%

Genaveve Has A Sultry Figure And Looks Amazing When She's All Oiled Up. If I Had A Chance, I'd Shoot For Her Strawberry Blonde Hair.

Tag Team Champ

Added 2008-07-15 Good Rating 54%

Mike's Wife Told Him That Before She Met Him She Had Been Tag Teamed. Since Then He Has Regarded Her As A Big Slut And Wants To Share Her.


Added 2008-07-15 Good Rating 51.8%

This Amazing Milf And Her Perfect Implants Take One Last Lap On The SYM Track. She Is An Allstar, Thanks For Sharing Jim.


Added 2008-07-15 Good Rating 51.2%

This Is Svetlan. She Is A Lithuanian Slut Who Loves To Take A Load Of Hot Cum On Her Face. Peter Found Out First Hand.

Brian's Ex

Added 2008-07-15 Good Rating 51.2%

Brian Submits The Exwife. She Has A Nice Little Tushy, But Her Attitude Was Too Much For Him To Put Up With. He'll Never Marry Again!

NC Cutie

Added 2008-07-14 Good Rating 52.5%

Second Last Set Of Our Carolina Cutie Today. Nice Halloween Costume, And A Few Of Her At The Beach. Very Sexy, Thanks Jim.

Archie's Wife

Added 2008-07-14 Good Rating 52.4%

Archie's Canadian Wife Having Fun With His Cock And Some Makeshift Toys. She Has No Gag Reflex. Nice Catch Archie!


Added 2008-07-14 Good Rating 50%

Rocko's Wife Chrissy. She Is A Hot 42 Year Old Mother Of Two, And She Still Gets Her Man Hard As A Rock After 25 Years.

Sugar Baby

Added 2008-07-13 Good Rating 51.1%

Cait Had An Arrangement With Bill In San Diego Where He Was Her Sugar Daddy, And She Took Care Of Him Regularly. Nice Deal.


Added 2008-07-13 Good Rating 51%

Just A Small Sample Of Pictures From Neil. This Was His Mistress For Years, And Then When He Left His Wife, She Left Him.


Added 2008-07-13 Bad Rating 49.8%

Ray Has Been Trying To Get This Couger On The Site Forever. Jaime Left Him For A Guy In His 40s And Now They Are Having A Baby.


Added 2008-07-10 Good Rating 51.6%

Five Pictures From Lauren Of Herself. She Is A Single 35 Year Old From Austin Texas. Thanks Lauren.


Added 2008-07-10 Good Rating 50.8%

Our Carolina Sweetie Goes To The Beach Today. Jim, When Are We Going To Get Some Hardcore With You In Them??

Sili's Girl

Added 2008-07-10 Good Rating 50.6%

Pictures From Sili And His Young Wife. She Has A Tight Body, And Her Pussy Is Flawless. Can I Get A Lick In There?

Gaynor's Girl

Added 2008-07-10 Good Rating 50.9%

Gaynor Has Been Fucking This Mature Piece Of Ass For A Long Time At His House In The Woods In Upstate New York.


Added 2008-07-09 Good Rating 52.8%

Big T&A On This BBW Babe. Eric Had A Couple Of Good Months With This Honey, And Then He Moved On. Exactly What She Was Afraid Of!

NC Wife

Added 2008-07-09 Good Rating 52%

Another Stellar Set Of Pictures Of Jim's Wife's Guns! She Owns A Nice Shotgun Too. Thanks For Sharing Jim.


Added 2008-07-09 Good Rating 51.2%

Adam's Exgirlfriend Shaving Her Sweet Peach. He Says He Misses Her Sweet Nectar. Andi Was Really Good In Bed, But She Was A Bitch!

Cum Bucket

Added 2008-07-09 Good Rating 50.2%

Dean Works From Home, And The Woman Who Lives Next Door Comes Over Almost Every Day To Suck And Fuck Him While His Wife Is At Work.


Added 2008-07-08 Good Rating 51.7%

Baz Submits His Ex, Kate From Edinburgh. He Says She's A Fat, Fickle Bitch And He Wanted To See Her On The Site. You're Welcome.


Added 2008-07-08 Good Rating 51.8%

Terry's Former Fiancee. Great Piece Of Ass, Too Bad She Gained 50 Pounds On Him And Now The Wedding Is Off.

Judy 2

Added 2008-07-08 Good Rating 50.7%

More Of The Exwife From Jim In North Carolina. This Proves That If You Have Your Breasts Augmented, They Will Always Be 18!

Anal All The Time

Added 2008-07-08 Bad Rating 49.9%

Some Pics Of John's Wife's Fake Tits Right After Surgery. After Having Their First Kid She Became An Anal Freak. No Vaginal Sex In Their House!

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