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Added 2008-07-05 Good Rating 51.2%

Nothing Like A Glass Of Wine And A Fake Banana To Get Things Started Between Two Accomplished Cougers. Nice Set Of Pics!


Added 2008-07-05 Good Rating 50.7%

I Always Wondered What These Weird Balls Were For In The Gym. Now I Know. Jaime Has A Workout And Cam Took Some Pics. Thanks.


Added 2008-07-04 Good Rating 51.5%

Lazy Day At Home Admiring The Wife's Hot Feet. Our Boy Says That He Came All Over Her Toes At The End, But I Didn't Get The Pics!


Added 2008-07-04 Good Rating 51.9%

I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again. Europe Has The Hottest Milfs. There Are No Couger Bars, They Are Just Bars There.


Added 2008-07-04 Good Rating 50.8%

Softcore Lingerie Modeling With A Nice Camel Toe At The End. Eveline Shows What She's Working With. Thanks Babe.

BBW From Roman

Added 2008-07-04 Good Rating 50.9%

BBW Wife From Roman. Damn, She's A Big Woman. BBW Are Better In Bed, Because They Never Know How Long They Will Have To Wait.


Added 2008-07-03 Good Rating 51.9%

If You Frown Upon BBW Then Don't Click This Link. Charlotte Is A Hot Mistress Of Someone In The Michigan Militia!

Summer Intern

Added 2008-07-03 Good Rating 50.9%

Blake Met This One During A Summer Internship At His Office. She Went To College In Miami And Was In A Sorority. Nice Work Blake.


Added 2008-07-03 Good Rating 50.2%

I'm 99% Sure That This Woman Is Not An Amateur. She Is At Least A Stripper, But Pete Sent Me These And I Had To Post Them. She's Hot!


Added 2008-07-03 Bad Rating 49.9%

Some Nice Gift Wrap On This Birthday Present. Chad Got What He Wanted For His Birthday From His Wife....a Couple Of Times.

Garter Queen.

Added 2008-07-02 Good Rating 51.7%

Randy's Exgirlfriend Was A Playful Slut. Nice Pussy On This Brunette, And She Wears Full Garters. Hot, Hot, Hot!

Pain For Pleasure

Added 2008-07-02 Good Rating 51.2%

Pamela Is Into Pain For Pleasure. 4 Cloths Pins On One Pussy, You Don't See That Everyday.

Boat Owner

Added 2008-07-02 Good Rating 50.3%

Here Are A Few Reasons To Own A Boat. These Milfs Got Drunk On Champagne And These Pics Were Snapped Of Them Partying On A London Yacht.

Club Groupie

Added 2008-07-02 Bad Rating 48.7%

This One Was Pretty Prolific On The London Club Scene Until She Got Knocked Up. Now She's Taking Some Time Off I Guess.

3 Cougers

Added 2008-07-01 Good Rating 53.5%

This Is A Pretty Standard Sequence Of Pictures For A Night Out With 3 Hot Cougers. They Turn On Each Other If They Don't Pull.


Added 2008-07-01 Good Rating 52%

This Hot Little Number Is Sasha. Unfortunately, She Decided To Get Pregnant And Didn't Consult Devon About What To Do.

Pregnant Tits

Added 2008-07-01 Good Rating 51%

Sandy Emailed These Pics To Her Boyfriend Who Was Over Seas In Iraq. She Wanted Him To See How Big Her Boobs Were Getting.


Added 2008-07-01 Good Rating 50.5%

Peter Shares These Pictures Of His Wife Doing It All. Megan DPs Herself With 2 Of Her Favorite Toys.

Big Momma

Added 2008-06-30 Good Rating 57.4%

Here Is A Real Beauty. This Girl Had 2 Kids Before She Was 20. Now She Makes A Living Off Of Those Big Baby Feeding Tits!

Wet Pussy.

Added 2008-06-30 Good Rating 51.9%

I Don't Know How This Guy Fits His Cock Into His Tight Wife Without A Shoe Horn Or Something. That Thing Is Thick!


Added 2008-06-30 Bad Rating 49.3%

Angelica Is Definitely A Big Beautiful Woman. BBW Lovers Only, Viewers Beware! She Is A Whole Lot Of Woman, And She Ain't Shy.

Wide Load

Added 2008-06-29 Good Rating 52.7%

No Face On This Woman, But She Has Got Some Junk In The Trunk! Big Ass Lovers Will Dig This. Thanks.


Added 2008-06-29 Good Rating 51.2%

It's Important To Marry A Woman Whom Is More Than Just A Pretty Face. Shannon Pitches In When It's Time To Do The Chores.

Perfect 10

Added 2008-06-29 Good Rating 51%

This German Slut Is Damn Near Perfect. She's Not A Mom, But I Picked Her For SYM Because She Is Diedrik's Horny Mistress.


Added 2008-06-29 Good Rating 50.6%

Pantyhose Fetish Babe. She Hikes Them Down And Bares All For Us. These Are Old Pictures Of Allen's Exgirlfriend.

Dildo Hide

Added 2008-06-28 Good Rating 51%

Jeff Sent Me Pictures Of His Hot Wife Playing Hide The Dildos. You Are A Lucky Man Jeff, Thanks For Sharing.

Dan's Axe

Added 2008-06-28 Good Rating 50.5%

A Little Bit Of Everything From This Back Yard Rocker. The Guitar Actually Belongs To Dan, But She Was Too Shy To Let It All Hang Out.

Liz Exhibitionist

Added 2008-06-28 Bad Rating 49.5%

Nice Little Sunday At Ikea. Huge Store With Pre-made Sets For Exhibitionist Photoshoots. Perfect Scene For Liz And Ross.


Added 2008-06-28 Bad Rating 49.3%

Patrick Shares Some Pictures Of His Wifes Pussy From Behind, With His Cock Stalking Its Prey.

Pussy Tongue

Added 2008-06-27 Good Rating 50.5%

A Few Upskirt Pics Of The Wife At Home. Is It Just Me, Or Does It Look Like There Is A Little Tongue Coming Out Of Her Pussy?

Pregnant Slut

Added 2008-06-27 Good Rating 50.8%

Revenge Pictures Of Dave's Exwife. She Recently Divorced Him And Took The House And The Kids. Keep Your Head Up Dave


Added 2008-06-27 Good Rating 51.1%

This Is Tim's Mistress. She Finally Wore Him Down And He Took Her On A Vacation. At Least He Got Great Photos.


Added 2008-06-27 Good Rating 50.3%

Shanti Had Her First Child Last Year, And She Still Looks Great. She Went Up 2 Cup Sizes After The Pregnancy.


Added 2008-06-26 Good Rating 55.2%

Nothing Like The Great Outdoors. Some Country Juggs In An Open Feild. This Is One Hot Milf.

Perfect 10

Added 2008-06-26 Good Rating 52.3%

No Face, But You Get More Than Enough Of Everything Else. This Woman Has Some Top Shelf Pussy.


Added 2008-06-26 Good Rating 50.4%

Deborah Only Really Knows Th One Pose, But She Is A Whole Lot Of Milf. Alfred Says That She's A Big Slut Too.


Added 2008-06-26 Bad Rating 48.5%

This Hot Stripper Is Donna, And Her Lesbian Lover Is Her Favorite Person At Work. Nice To Have Friends In The Workplace.

Couger Bar

Added 2008-06-25 Good Rating 51.3%

Wildly Entertaining Night At The Couger Bar, Some Of The Cougars Became The Entertainment. Not Only College Students Are Bi-curious.

Panty Babe

Added 2008-06-25 Good Rating 50.5%

There's No Way That Dildo Fits Into That Tight Pussy. Nice Body On This Woman Though. I Love The Pantyhose Fetish Pics.


Added 2008-06-25 Good Rating 50.8%

These Two Ladies Went On A Cruise With Winston And They Had Fun The Whole Time. Out On The Town And Down In The Cabin.

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