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Added 2008-05-02 Good Rating 50.7%

Suzy From Durban Wants To Get Fucked This Weekend. She'll Be At The George And She Wants To Be Picked Up. Age And Race Indifferent, Submitter Wants To Document It!


Added 2008-05-02 Bad Rating 49.9%

This Is A Tasty Milf With A Curvaceous Body. I Love The Love Handles And The Big Tits On This Gal. Veronika You Are A Goddess.

BJ's Wife

Added 2008-05-01 Good Rating 51.4%

This Is Bjorn Having Little Fun With His Newlywed Wife. She's Really Hot BJ, You Are A Very Lucky Man. Where Are The HC Pics?

BJ Queen

Added 2008-05-01 Bad Rating 49.7%

Brilliant Brunette Gives An Award Winning Blowjob. Clint Often Only Gets Head From His Young Wife. She Is Worried About Another Pregnancy.


Added 2008-05-01 Bad Rating 48.8%

Patti Has Yet To Be Married, But She Has 2 Kids Already. I Am Envious Of Those Babies, They Got To Feed On Those! Very Nice Pat.

Milf Fever

Added 2008-04-30 Good Rating 52.9%

Pictures Of A Gorgeous Milf. She Like A Big Black Cock Judging By Her Choice Of Dildo, So If You Have The Equipment, I Would Take Your Shot!

Ukraine SP

Added 2008-04-30 Good Rating 51.8%

A Nice Hardcore Set Of Pics From A Swingers Party In The Ukraine. Peter Submits These With Promise Of More To Come. Thx Peter.


Added 2008-04-30 Good Rating 50.7%

Karen Got A Stocking Full Of Dildos For Christmas. She Loves To Put Them In Both Holes. Beautiful Milf, Thanks For The Pics.


Added 2008-04-30 Good Rating 50.1%

This Is Diana, She Will Be Appreciated By The True Mature Connoisseur. She's Closing In On 50 And She's Still Got It. Thanks Diana


Added 2008-04-29 Good Rating 51%

Ellen Loves To Be Dominated. She Has Some Really Dangerous Looking Restraints In The Bedroom. Ben, You Should Look Into A Home With A Dungeon.


Added 2008-04-29 Good Rating 50.7%

Rebbecca Has A Nice Full Figured Physique With Lumps In All The Right Places. I'd Love To Get A Turn At This Hot 30 Something Year Old. Thanks Babe


Added 2008-04-29 Good Rating 50.6%

Lori Just Gave Birth To Her First Child, And Her Husband Thinks She Will Get A Kick Out Of Seeing These Pictures Of Her From The First Year Of Marriage.


Added 2008-04-29 Bad Rating 49.4%

Tomas Submits Pictures Of His Wife Who Lives With Him In Delaware. She's Had 2 Kids, But She Still Has Her Figure. Thanks Guys.

The Ex

Added 2008-04-28 Good Rating 52.2%

Old Pictures Of Johan's First Wife When They Were Engaged. She Turned Out To Be A Cheating Whore....they Almost Always Do Buddy...join The Club.


Added 2008-04-28 Good Rating 51.4%

Liz Is An Unbelievably Hot Pregnant Babe. Look At Those Heavy Tits! Even If You Aren't Into This Sort Of Thing You Can Appreciate This Milf!


Added 2008-04-28 Good Rating 51.1%

Here Is Another Pregnant Mom, But This One Is Not Really A Milf. She Will Be A Hottie Again In A Few Months Aside From The Stretch Marks.


Added 2008-04-28 Good Rating 50.2%

Alie And Dan Never Got Married, But They Did Have A Kid When They Were In Their Twenties. It's Smart Not To Ruin Your Life Just So That The Kid Isn't A Bastard!


Added 2008-04-27 Good Rating 51%

Pretty Cool Set Of A Very Sexy Lady Both Before And During Her First Pregnancy. Anabelle You Are A Beautiful MILF! Thanks Colin.

Dave's Second Wife

Added 2008-04-27 Good Rating 50.3%

Dave's Wife Used To Be A Nice Prize, But Near The End Of The Marriage She Started To Go South. Those Hooters Shorts She Used To Wear Weren't So Hip Anymore.


Added 2008-04-27 Bad Rating 49.4%

This Is What Happens When You Combine A Boat, A Few Cocktails, And A Drunken Couger Named Tamara. Nice Little Afternoon Of Pictures On The Water.


Added 2008-04-27 Bad Rating 49%

Gorgeous Brunette Used To Be Married To Kevin, Until She Decided To Go And See If Some Asshole Lawyers Cash Was Greener. What A Golddigging Bitch.


Added 2008-04-26 Good Rating 58.7%

Kathleen Is An Amazing Housewife And She Loves To Be Seen! She Is Hot And Healthy And She Gets Her Vegetables. Very Nice, I Hope We Get Some More Kathy.


Added 2008-04-26 Good Rating 51.8%

Cally Makes Getting Married Look Pretty Good. Unfortunately, You Might As Well Hire A Maid Because This Cally Only Shows Up Once A Month.

Jack's Ex

Added 2008-04-26 Good Rating 50.2%

Jack Submits His Exwife Whom He Divorced 4 Years Ago. He Loved Her Very Much, But She Has Remarried One Of His Former Coworkers. That's Rough Jack, Thanks For Sharing.

Day At The Beach

Added 2008-04-26 Bad Rating 49.4%

Nothing Like A Nice Day At The Beach. I Was In Thailand On Vacation Once And There Were Women Who Would Massage You While You Tanned. That Was Nice, But This Is Nicer.

Emry's Ex

Added 2008-04-25 Good Rating 52.3%

Emry's Exwife Has Huge Natural Tits. He Sent Me A Stack Of Pics Of Her And I've Picked A Few For You. I Hope You Enjoy Them As Much As Emry Did.


Added 2008-04-25 Good Rating 51%

This Is A Hooker Josh Met In Bratislava. She Spoke A Little English, And He Threw Her A Few Extra Bucks To Keep The Pics. Very Nice Josh.


Added 2008-04-25 Good Rating 50.2%

Pictures From Wim And Cornelia Who Are A Dutch Couple Living In New Delhi. Do I Have To Be From Holland To Hit Ass Like That?

Ron's Ex

Added 2008-04-25 Bad Rating 49.5%

Ron's Exwife Was Hot, But He Never Got Out Of The Trailer Park Until They Split. I Guess I'd Be Content Having Sex In A Motor Home With Her!


Added 2008-04-24 Good Rating 51.7%

A Few Really Good Pictures From Pat Of His Exwife Stephanie. Great Athletic Body On This Girl, She Was A Speed Skater And Had Amazing Thighs And Ass!


Added 2008-04-24 Good Rating 51.3%

Brenda Has Been Married To Her Hubby For 20 Years, And He Still Finds Her As Sexy As He Ever Did. Way To Keep The Flame Burning Guys.


Added 2008-04-24 Good Rating 50.5%

Our Submitter Only Fucked This One Twice, But She Was So Desperate For A Lay That She Would Let Him Do Anything. He Says He Almost Prefers Them That Way.

Clarence's Exwife

Added 2008-04-24 Good Rating 50.2%

Old Pictures Of Clarence's First Wife. She Was Pretty Wild And They Had Some Good Times. Most Of These Were Shot During Mardis Gras. Thanks!


Added 2008-04-23 Good Rating 51.2%

Adam Documented His Vacation To St. Martin. He Was There This March For Spring Break, With His Fiance Amy. She Is Only 28, But She's All Woman.....I'd Tax That Ass For Days.

Couger DP

Added 2008-04-23 Good Rating 51%

This Couger Loved DP Unfortunately Alex Only Had One Cock So She Had To Improvise. Every Healty Couger Will Have Accumulated A Gunrack Of Dildos Over Her Lifetime!

Bryce's Wife

Added 2008-04-23 Good Rating 50.6%

Nice Set From A Soon To Be Married Couple In California. Bryce Had To Piss Or Get Off The Pot, So Before He Did, He Peed Right On The Pot! Thanks Guys


Added 2008-04-23 Bad Rating 49.6%

Claire Is Approaching 40 And Wants To Feel Sexy Again. I Don't Think The Sexy Ever Went Anywhere Do You? Very Hot Baby, Thanks For Sharing!

Every Wednesday At 5pm

Added 2008-04-22 Good Rating 51.2%

Ruiz Is A Cuban Guy Who Works Landscaping At Jackie's House. She Invited Him In For Some Refreshments One Day And A Little Relationship Has Blossomed.

Maggast Solotzo

Added 2008-04-22 Good Rating 50.3%

I Know It's Not The Season, But That Doesn't Seem To Matter. Emphasis On The Title Of This Is On Naughty...not Santa. Meggast Gets Ready For Your Lap.


Added 2008-04-22 Good Rating 50.2%

Charles' Wife Mindy Has Been Complaining About Loosing Her Youth As Of Late. These Pictures Are From 97-98. She Looks Amazing. There Is No Way You've Lost It Babe!

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