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Added 2008-05-23 Good Rating 51.9%

This Was An Audition For A Gig In The Adult Industry, But Erika Wasn't Hired. Josh Didn't Think That She Had What It Took In The End.


Added 2008-05-23 Good Rating 51.5%

Aisha Is A Cute Brunette Divorcee Who Is In The Market For A Younger Man. I'd Love To Get My Mouth Around Those Lips.

MTL Newlyweds 2

Added 2008-05-23 Good Rating 51.3%

Someday I Might Be Lucky Enough To Get A Clean Break From My Wife, But I'm Not Lucky Enough To End Up With A Hot MTL Babe Like This.

Yummy Mommy

Added 2008-05-22 Good Rating 51%

Dean Fucked This Yummy Mommy In Her Daughters Bedroom. Queila Will Be Wondering Why There Is A Funky Smell In Her Room.


Added 2008-05-22 Good Rating 51%

Gary's Girlfriend Is From Trinidad And She's A Trainer At His Racket Club. Check Out That Perfect 40 Year Old Body.


Added 2008-05-22 Good Rating 50.3%

Pamela Is 2 Tons If She's A Pound, But She's All Woman! Check Out The Booty On That Busty Babe, She Wants To Spread It Around For You.

Newly Weds 1

Added 2008-05-22 Bad Rating 49.8%

Lots More To Come From These Newly Weds Who Are Living In Montreal Quebec. Some Interesting Pictures Coming Out Of These Two.

Facial Destruction

Added 2008-05-21 Good Rating 52.4%

Total Face Splatter On This Mature Cumslut. She Acts Like It's Her First Time, But Ross Says She Does This Every Week. Thanks Guys.

Motel Mistress

Added 2008-05-21 Good Rating 52.3%

Our Submitter Has A Hot Mistress With Whom He Meets A Few Times A Month In Cheap Motels For Some Wild Sex. Not A Bad Deal.

Nancy And Ed

Added 2008-05-21 Good Rating 51%

A Little Bubble Bath Fun From Nancy And Edward From The UK. She's A Hot Mature Specimen, Hang On To That Woman Ed.

36 Sun Baby

Added 2008-05-21 Good Rating 50.4%

Slutty 36 Year Old Loves To Lie In The Sun All Day And Work On Her Tan. Maybe She Should Try A Nude Beach, She Could Get Better Pics And No Tanlines.


Added 2008-05-20 Good Rating 53.2%

This Woman Is The Definition Of The Word MILF. She Is Beautiful! Monica, I Would Do Anything For Some Hardcore Pics!!!

Allison Shinks

Added 2008-05-20 Good Rating 51.3%

This Is A Kinky Slut Who Loved A Little Abuse. She Had A Baby By Our Submitter And He's Not Allowed To Visit With His Son. What A Bitch!


Added 2008-05-20 Bad Rating 49.6%

Shirley-Anne Used To Fool Around With Adam A Long Time Ago, And Now She's Moved Into His Neighborhood Again. She Gave Him Cold Shoulder So Here You Go!


Added 2008-05-20 Bad Rating 48.5%

What A Classic Milf, She Can't Get Enough Cock! She's Getting Penetrated By Everything Her Man Can Get His Hands On.


Added 2008-05-19 Good Rating 50.2%

This Hot Babe Is Married And Wanted To Post Some Pics Of Her Husband And Her But He Declined. She Has Secretly Submitted These.

Collin's Ex

Added 2008-05-19 Bad Rating 49.9%

This Was Collin's First Wife And First Love. They Have Split But He Still Misses Her. He Wanted To Share These To Help Him Move On.

Kyra's Got A Baby

Added 2008-05-19 Bad Rating 47.7%

Kyra Pulled A Quarterback Keeper On Dean And He's Not Happy About It. He Never Liked Her That Much And She Lied To Him About Birth Control!


Added 2008-05-18 Good Rating 53.5%

Rita Has Awesome Tits And Ass. She's Not Shy To Showcase Them, But No Face! Babe, You Should Be Proud Of Your Body.


Added 2008-05-18 Good Rating 51.2%

Brenda Shows Us Her Awesome Mature Body. This Is A Real 40 Year Old Amateur And I Love It! Thanks Brenda.


Added 2008-05-18 Good Rating 50.1%

Talk About Drama From Your Baby Mama! Allie Has Taken Branden To Court 9 Times Over The Last 3 Years To Try To Get Support For His Alleged Child.

Athabaska Beauty

Added 2008-05-18 Bad Rating 49.1%

A Few Upskirt And Down Blouse Pics Of Maynard From Athabaska. She Has A Nice Body, I'd Be Really Happy To Lie Down Next To It Tonight.


Added 2008-05-17 Good Rating 51.4%

Latin Women Are Into The Nastiest Shit. Paulo Hooked Up With Two Mature Senoras Who Rock His World Every Week.


Added 2008-05-17 Good Rating 50.8%

Dana Plays With Her Toys On The Carpet Of Her Living Room. She's A Really Horny One, I'd Love To Get Her To Use Me Instead Of Those Rubber Cocks.

Yummy Mommy

Added 2008-05-16 Good Rating 54.7%

Teenage Pregnancy Never Looked So Good! This Girl Is A Little Young For This Site, But As You See, She Does Qualify As A Mother.


Added 2008-05-16 Good Rating 51.8%

Before And After Pics Of Eva's Pussy With And Without Hair. There Is Even One Of Her In The Process. Much Better I Think, Thanks.


Added 2008-05-16 Good Rating 51.9%

Pics Of The Exwife From Michael Out Of Memphis. Look At Those Awesome Titties. I Think They Are Cornfed, But Maybe A Doctor Played A Role.


Added 2008-05-16 Bad Rating 48%

This Chick Has Reached Her Golden Years, But She's Still As Frisky As Ever! This Hot Oil Stunt Is The Type Of Thing You See At Frat Parties.

Breakout Babe

Added 2008-05-15 Good Rating 52.6%

Either That's Razor Burn, Or She's Allurgic To One Of The Other Two Things In These Pics. What Do You Think?


Added 2008-05-15 Good Rating 51.7%

It Would Be Amazing If Every Wife To Be Let You Sample The Goods In Their Wedding Dress Before You Buy. You're A Good Woman Ira.

Tim's Little Helper

Added 2008-05-15 Good Rating 51.1%

Tim's Exwife Gives Him What He Really Wanted For Christmas. Says That He Misses Her When He Sees These Pictures, But She Was Still A Bitch.


Added 2008-05-15 Good Rating 50.8%

After All These Years, Her Husband Just Discovered That Sherri Needs A Little Space To Spread Her Legs In. She's An Outdoor Girl.

Unbelievable Natural Double Ds.

Added 2008-05-14 Good Rating 52.4%

This Samoan Woman Is The Pick Of The Litter When It Comes To Big Tits. She Has Unbelievable Natural Double Ds. Thanks For Sharing Doug.


Added 2008-05-14 Good Rating 50.4%

Samuel Submits His Hungarian Exwife. They Took These On Their First Vacation Together. After That She Was Living Hell.

Seth's Ex

Added 2008-05-14 Bad Rating 49.4%

Posting These As A Favor For One Of Our Long Term Loyal Viewers. He Finally Worked Up The Courage To Scan These Polaroids Of His Bitchy Exwife.


Added 2008-05-14 Bad Rating 49.6%

The Face Is Censored But You Get The Idea! This California Girl Was Born In Mexico, And Now She's Blain's Main Squeeze.


Added 2008-05-13 Good Rating 51.5%

Nikaela Hated Anal Sex When She Met Kevin. Since Then She Has Developed A Taste For Being Fisted Anally. Any Woman Can Be Broken Inside Of 5 Years.


Added 2008-05-13 Good Rating 51.6%

A Little Bit Of Everything From These Swinger Chicks Who Eugene Often Hooks Up With. He Found Them On The Internet, Lucky Bastard!

Mary Aston

Added 2008-05-13 Good Rating 50.3%

This Nasty Bitch Cost Julian 90 Thousand Dollars In Legal Fees When They Got Divorced. We Are Posting These So That He Can Have Some Revenge.

Ass For Days

Added 2008-05-12 Good Rating 52.5%

This Beautiful Cougar Has Ass For Days! Actually, Put A Week On It. She Was Scooped Up At Daytona Beach And Showed Our Submitter A Great Time.

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