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Breen's Busted Pussy

Added 2008-06-16 Good Rating 50%

After 18 Years With The Same Vagina, Steve Says That Breen's Fits Him Like A Glove. Maybe A Hockey Glove! Thanks Steven.


Added 2008-06-15 Good Rating 52.2%

Old Picture Of His First Wife From Chris. She Loved Cock, But She Didn't Love Him. Too Bad, Cum's On Your Face Now Bitch!


Added 2008-06-15 Good Rating 51.8%

Sidonia Is Gorgeous! She Loves Facials, And Is Probably The Hottest Girl In Bratislava. Yari's Beautiful Fiance.

Snake Chick

Added 2008-06-15 Good Rating 51.8%

This Couger Loves Snakes. Trouser Snakes And Real Snakes Apparently! She's 34, And She Used To Visit Rob In His Dorm Room At Judson College.


Added 2008-06-15 Good Rating 51%

Aurelie-Belle From France In These Pictures. French Milfs Are Second Only To German Women As The Sluttiest In The World.


Added 2008-06-14 Good Rating 52.3%

Anniversary Pictures Of Leslie. She Used To Be A Hot Club Girl, And Now She's Back At It. Too Bad She's Used Up Now. Thanks Clint.


Added 2008-06-14 Good Rating 52.1%

Beautiful Young Bride. This Girl Is Estonian, But She'd Be Gorgeous Right Here In The US. I Want To Mail Order Her.


Added 2008-06-14 Good Rating 51.5%

Ex Wife Pictures From Dylan. She Waited Until Their House Was Full Of Kids To Decide That She Wanted Somebody Else. Bitch!


Added 2008-06-14 Good Rating 50.5%

Vince Thought That Having A Camera In The Bedroom Might Spice Up His Sexlife A Little. Amanda Has Come Out Of Her Shell. Thanks!


Added 2008-06-13 Good Rating 54.6%

Gorgeous Milf From Illinois Named Mary. It Adds A Little That She's Wearing Standard White Panties I Think. Makes Her Look Hotter.

Oliver's Girl.

Added 2008-06-13 Good Rating 53.9%

Honeymoon Pictures From Our Friend Oliver. This Was The Best Part Of His Marriage And I Can See Why. Beautiful Girl, Lovely Tan.


Added 2008-06-13 Good Rating 51.5%

After Sondra Had Her First Kid, It Got Easier To Fit Things In Her. So Why Stop At A Banana? A Fist Is Way More Fun.


Added 2008-06-12 Good Rating 52.8%

Brenda Is The Outdoorsy Type. I Guess She Doesn't Always Have Access To A Razor. Great Traveling Pics Guys, Thanks.

NY Babe

Added 2008-06-12 Good Rating 52.4%

Some Lucky Bastard In Upstate New York Is Married To This Broad. It's Nice To Have A Wife Who Can Fit Her Fist In Her Ass!

Cali Girl

Added 2008-06-12 Good Rating 52%

Nice Exgirlfriend Pics From Stanley In Philadelphia. She Moved To California And Tried To Become A Model. He Never Saw Her Again.

Blonde Bombshell

Added 2008-06-12 Good Rating 51.8%

This Bombshell Is Pretty Hot. She Won't Show Her Face, But That Body Is Enough For Me. Thanks Guys.

Randy's Ex

Added 2008-06-11 Good Rating 52.2%

Pictures Of Randy's Young Wife From Back In The Day. Now She's Living On A Small Ranch Single And Unhappy. Randy Couldn't Be Happier.


Added 2008-06-11 Good Rating 51.3%

This Is Sandra. She Is Currently Engaged To Our Submitter, But He Suspects That She Is Cheating On Him. He's Going To Break It Off.

Climbing The Hill

Added 2008-06-11 Good Rating 50.7%

She's Only In Her Thirties, But She Is On Her Way To Being A Nice Mature Babe. Her Hubby Submits, And We Are All Thankful.

Used Milf

Added 2008-06-11 Bad Rating 49.6%

This Milf Has Been Used And Abused. She Doesn't Show Her Face, But More Than Likely It Is As Busted As Her Body Is. Very Mature.

80s Babe

Added 2008-06-10 Good Rating 52.4%

Classic Throwback. I Thought You Might Enjoy This. As The Story Goes, She Was A Cheater, But I Think These Pictures Are Timeless.

Junk In The Trunk

Added 2008-06-10 Good Rating 52.2%

Lots Of Junk In Cathy's Trunk. She Has 2 Kids Under The Age Of 3, And She Is Just Bouncing Back. I Like The Size Of Her Derrière!

Perfect 10

Added 2008-06-10 Good Rating 51.3%

Occasionally I Get A Submission That Makes It All Worth While. This Milf Is As Good As It Gets. She Is Perfect, I Wish She Had My Kids.


Added 2008-06-10 Good Rating 50.3%

These Are Old Pictures Too. Robert Dated Ruth Seriously In The Late 80s, And These Were Taken In Antigua.


Added 2008-06-09 Good Rating 52.6%

A Little Bit Of Everything From This Hot Swinger. Creampie, Anal, Gangbang, And Facials. What A Party!

Swedish Bombshell

Added 2008-06-09 Good Rating 52.4%

Is There Perfect Lighting In This Apartment, Or Is It Just Me? This Hot Swedish Wife Is Very Liberal, And So Is Her Friend.


Added 2008-06-09 Good Rating 50.6%

Marrying A Model Has It's Downside. She Will Be Out Of Work And Ugly Eventually....but I Don't Feel Sorry For You Allen.


Added 2008-06-09 Bad Rating 48%

This Is Jody. She's A Cheating Exwife, But Her Hubby Says That He Is Thankful He Found Out She Was A Cheater. One Guy Who Doesn't Hate.


Added 2008-06-08 Good Rating 51.8%

This Is A Mature Minx. Finding This One At A Couger Bar Is Like Hitting A Jackpot In Vegas. It'll Never Happen To You...but It's Alluring.

Hot Milf

Added 2008-06-08 Good Rating 50.5%

This Milf Is Pretty Old, But Her Body Could Pass For A 20 Year Olds. I Like Her Cut Out Bra And Panties. Does That Offer Support?


Added 2008-06-08 Good Rating 50.1%

Anette And Blair Were Married For 10 Months. She Was Infertile And He Wanted Offspring In The Worst Way. Too Bad, She Was Perfect For Breast Feeding.

Aging Beauty

Added 2008-06-08 Good Rating 50.3%

This Proves The Theory That When A Chick Gets Her Tits Done, They Will Still Look Like They Are 17, When She's 70! Her Tattoos Don't Tho.


Added 2008-06-07 Good Rating 53.4%

Awesome Gangbang Pics. I Really Have Respect For A Guy Who Shows Up To A Gangbang In A Suit. Well Done Phil!


Added 2008-06-07 Good Rating 52%

Check Out The Figure On This Chick. No Face, But The Body Is Enough. The Submitter's Name Is JB, And He Calls Her Veronika. Nice!

Masquerade Babe

Added 2008-06-07 Good Rating 51.7%

Hot Wife Plays Dressup, But It Has To Be A Masquerade Ball With Her. This Is An Anonymous Submission, And I Have No Idea Why. She Is Hot.

Rae's Va-cae

Added 2008-06-07 Bad Rating 49%

Some Pictures Of Rae's Wife. He Took These In Seattle On Their Last Vacation. Nice Submissive Woman You've Got. I Need One Like Her.


Added 2008-06-06 Good Rating 53%

This Girl Is Hot! She Is Like A Hometown Version Of Posh Spice. These Were Taken By A Younger Guy Who Fucked Her When He Passed Through Town.


Added 2008-06-06 Good Rating 51.8%

She Didn't Really Want To Show Her Face, But You Still Get A Couple Glimpses. Cathy Is A Hot Middle Aged Minx.


Added 2008-06-06 Good Rating 50.6%

Some Sexy Pictures Of Nancy And David On Their Weekend Away. I Love The Upskirt Shots Of Her On The Stairs. Very Nice!


Added 2008-06-05 Good Rating 51.4%

Sandy Gives He Man A BJ While He Films Her POV. Then He Creams Her Tongue With His Load Of Desire!! Nice Pics Guys, Thanks.

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