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Added 2008-12-20 Good Rating 53.4%

I Prefer Small Town Hookers Because They Just Care More. They Wanna Please You. Jessie Certainly Did.


Added 2008-12-20 Good Rating 52.9%

He Told Mariah That She Was Sexy Pregnant. It Was Some Other Guys Baby, And She Went With It. Thanks Robbie.


Added 2008-12-20 Good Rating 52.2%

Mature German Girl Named Veronica. She Has Some Dangerous Swingers And A Hairy-mature Pussy!


Added 2008-12-20 Good Rating 51.6%

Very Mature, And Very Pregnant. View Under Advisement And Only Under Duress For Mature Pussy. Thanks Rose.

Tight Ass!

Added 2008-12-18 Good Rating 53.7%

A Few Pictures Of Armen's Ex Wife From Back When She Was Hot And Fun. If Her Ass Looks Tight It's Because It Is. No Anal From Her.

Au Pair

Added 2008-12-18 Good Rating 52.1%

This Spanish Girl Was The Au Pair To Bruce's Kids When They Were Growing Up. She Had A Nice Big Ass And She Loved Anal!


Added 2008-12-18 Good Rating 51.9%

Lynda Is Lonely And I Think You Can See Why. She Does Some Sort Of Rain Dance In Her Living Room To Try To Be Sexy. Keep Practicing!

Hairy Cheater

Added 2008-12-16 Good Rating 52.8%

This Couple Met Up On The Internet, And They Have These Weekend Sex Fests Pretty Often. Get Her A Wax For Xmas!

Hot Ex

Added 2008-12-16 Good Rating 51.9%

Ben Has Been Trying To Get Over This Girl For Over A Year Now. He Hopes That Posting These Old Pictures Will Help. I Don't Blame You Buddy.

Knocked Up

Added 2008-12-16 Good Rating 51.5%

Aylssa Was Paul's Girlfriend In College, And They Recently Got Back Together. Now She Is Pregnant And She's Keeping The Baby.

Shrinking Boobs

Added 2008-12-16 Good Rating 50.5%

Todd's Ex Had Dome Big Nice Titties That Somehow Were Smaller After She Had Their First Child. Oh Well, Everything Ends Eventually.


Added 2008-12-14 Good Rating 55.9%

Some Pictures Of Melissa Before, After, And During Her Pregnancy. She Didn't Look Too Bad At 6 Months, But Obviously Better At Zero.


Added 2008-12-14 Good Rating 52.8%

How Do You Pig Roast Your Wife With Only One Cock? Pay Attention To The First Picture And Find Out. What A Freak!


Added 2008-12-14 Good Rating 51.6%

Cameras Are Usually A Faux Pas At These Swinger Parties, But Laura Has Been Around The Block So Many Times That It Didn't Matter.

Hot Mom

Added 2008-12-13 Good Rating 53.2%

This Is An Unusual Wife. She Is Unusual Because She Is Smoking Hot, And She Is Cleaning Up The Kitchen While She Is Pregnant!

Nolan's Ex

Added 2008-12-13 Good Rating 52.1%

The Ex Wife Was Big And Sort Of Beautiful, But Now That Nolan Has Moved On, He Is Way Happier. Not Too Surprised.

Hairy Milf

Added 2008-12-13 Good Rating 51.6%

This Hairy Milf Gets Every Hole Filled With Toys And She Sucks On Her Husbands Tiny Cock.

Bottle Insert

Added 2008-12-12 Good Rating 54%

I Love A Woman Who Can Handle A Beer In The Afternoon. I Would Prefer If She Chose A Beer That Wasn't Light, But One Step At A Time.

Quarterback Keeper

Added 2008-12-12 Good Rating 52.7%

Dan Broke Up With This Bitch Just Before She Discovered That She Was Pregnant. His Life Has Been Hell Since And He's Not Sure It's His Doing.


Added 2008-12-12 Good Rating 52.3%

Weird Swinger Couple Get Married In Hawaii. He Is Really Jacked Up And She Looks A Little Like Chyna From The WWE.

Euro Milf

Added 2008-12-12 Good Rating 51.8%

Classic Pictures That Have Been Digitally Remastered Of This Hairy European Milf. She Has A Great Body!


Added 2008-12-11 Good Rating 54.1%

Margaret Is A Diamond In The Ruff. She Is In Pretty Good Shape As Mature Ladies Go, And She Likes To Get Naked Outside.


Added 2008-12-11 Good Rating 53.6%

Teressa Keeps A Box Of Wet Ones In Her Room For Clean Up After The Gangbangs. She Gets Back Ended More Times Than Ford Pinto.


Added 2008-12-11 Good Rating 50.8%

Patti Tans In The Backyard. Good Thing Her Neighbors Weren't In The Backyard Because Her Tits Block All The Sun.


Added 2008-12-10 Good Rating 53.8%

Tight Figure On This Gorgeous Wife. Teressa Has Been Married To Shayne For 7 Years, And She Still Looks Amazing.

Andrea Hanley

Added 2008-12-10 Good Rating 52.8%

Andrea Hanley Married Brent 19 Months Ago, And They Are Currently Being Divorced Because She Cheated On Him With His Friend.

Hairy Mistress

Added 2008-12-10 Bad Rating 49.6%

Nice Hairy Pussy Out On The Water With Tanning Oil All Over Her Tits. This Is The Italian Mistress Of Our Submitter.

Pussy Pump

Added 2008-12-09 Good Rating 54%

BDSM And Extreme Pussy Pumping. Look At The Size Of Those Lips! Her Pussy Looks Great When It's Not All Swollen.

Bottle Insertion

Added 2008-12-09 Good Rating 51.8%

Awesome Bottle Insertion Pictures Of This Woman With A Clit Piercing. Her Vagina Has Been Destroyed. Look At The Stretch Marks!


Added 2008-12-09 Good Rating 51.8%

This Is One Of The Hottest Submissions Of The Year. Delphina Is Stunning! I Would Kill For A Night With This Woman.


Added 2008-12-09 Good Rating 51.1%

This Chick Is A Member On An Adult Forum, And She Meets Most Of Her Lovers Online Through That Means. She Does It All, Great Woman.

Hot Naked Beach Girl

Added 2008-12-08 Good Rating 54.5%

Sexy Babe Gets Naked In South Beach Miami. She's Lucky She Didn't Get Arrested, And I'm Lucky I Wasn't There For The Same Reason.


Added 2008-12-08 Good Rating 52.8%

Having A Two Year Old At Home Didn't Slow Sara Down. Alex Was Hoping Just With Him, But She Turned Out To Be All Over The Place.

Milf Pussy

Added 2008-12-08 Good Rating 52.7%

Talk About Getting Balls Deep In A Milf. This Couger Gets All Of Dan's Shaft. Thanks For The Pics Dan.


Added 2008-12-08 Good Rating 51.1%

Clint Shares His Wife With Us. Looks Like It Was Cold Out That Day, Judging By Her Nipples. Thanks Guys.

Nice Broad

Added 2008-12-07 Good Rating 53.6%

This Is A Good Looking Older Woman. I Expected To See Some Big Fake Tits On A Woman Like This, But I Prefer Her Without Them.

Fit Chick

Added 2008-12-07 Good Rating 52.9%

This Chick Used To Be A Fitness Pageant Contestant, Now She Works At The Gym And Her Salary Goes To The Tanning Salon.


Added 2008-12-07 Good Rating 52.6%

Mature Barb In Some Nice Stocking And Upskirt Pics. Is She In Christmas Lingerie? Sexy Mature Diva, Thanks For The Show.

Nice Fake Tits

Added 2008-12-06 Good Rating 56.5%

Linda's Body Makes A Good Case For Plastic Surgery. She Had Her Tits Done When She Was 20 And They Still Look 18!


Added 2008-12-06 Good Rating 53%

Now These Two Are MILFs! Putting A Corset On A Woman Who Already Has A Waist Like That Should Be Illegal.

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